Under Your Christmas Tree

There’s been too many tears, cried throughout this year.   I’d make them disappear.  If I could, I would, I would try.   I got a gift for you, I think will make you smile.  Look underneath the tree, around a quarter to nine.  Cause when you look, you will see me, under your Christmas tree.

Don’t know what’s on your list but we can share a kiss.  I’ve got a couple things, Santa could never bring… Like me, under your Christmas tree.   We can forget it all for a while.  Making Christmas magic bound to make us smile.  We’ll unwrap the gifts we bring, right here… Gifts like you and me, under your Christmas tree.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard for you and me.  New Year is on the way, come, let’s play reindeer games… Won’t you come and play with me, under your Christmas tree. Come be with me under the blinking lights, believe with me, we’re gonna be alright...          at least tonight… 

You and me, under your Christmas tree.  No gift as good as you and me, underneath the Christmas tree.

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