A Light In Her Eyes


Time is a bird in flight, you catch it if you can.  Only once caught it’s just a memory in hand.  History repeats itself again and again, as time rushes on.


Back To The Beginning


When he slipped his arm around my shoulder.  I knew right then, my days were numbered.  I knew I’d fall in love.  Then, I went, I built my world around him.  I thanked the lord that I had found him but I turned around and he was long gone.


Can’t Get To Heaven From Here


I know you’ve got a lot of troubles in your life and maybe I’m just one of the few.  You think you’ve found a way to numb away your pain, if maybe for an hour or two. You can’t get to heaven from here…  I know you feel like there’s no way out of this and each time you come down it seems worse.  So you try a little more cause you don’t know what’s in store but you’re bringing hell straight to the door.


Counting On Fingers


I’m counting on my fingers.  I’m counting on toes.  The smell of you still lingers, right here on my clothes.  I can’t wait another day.  I think you should know.  That no, no, no, no, I can’t wait.  Did you hear me darling?  I can’t wait.  Did you hear what I said darling?  I can’t wait to see you again!


Damsel In Dis-Dress


I don’t want to be the damsel in dis-dress.  I don’t want to wear this dress so tight.  I don’t wanna teeter round in high heeled shoes, just hoping I might get my Mister Right.  Oh, what if Mister Right’s priorities are all screwed up?  What if I don’t really think I want his kind of love?




Please come closer.  Gather around.  Take hold of the hand to your left and your right.  Come together.  Please, gather round.  Let’s fill in the spaces they’ve left behind. We go up.  We go down.  We go deeper.  Vaya con Dios, my darling profound.  We go up.  We go down.  We go deeper for meaning.  Love, the answer, can always be found. 


Happy Birthday Baby


It’s your birthday baby!  Happy birthday baby!  Let’s get the room a rockin’.  Let’s get the party started.  Let’s all celebrate, celebrate a wonderful life! 


Head Over Heels


You say my head is getting swelled and my shoes are too big for my feet.  You say that’s why I’m always tripping when I go walking down the street.


Here We Are Again


You come into my life and you play with my heart.  That’s the way it’s been with you right from the very start.  You got me wrapped around your finger, you know that I adore, everything about you, so I’m coming back for more.


How Do I Love You


I fall short of expectation.  Teach me, the translation.  How do I love you?


I Love You By Heart


From dress up and pretend, to this gown that I wear.  My future is waiting.  My friends lead me there.  My father looks away, so I won’t see him cry but nothing prepares me for that look in your eyes.


La, La, Song


Hello lover.  Hello baby.  Ou you really drive me crazy, when you la, la, la, la—la, la, la, la—la, la, la, la, la.


Let Me Call You Home


Rock me softly.  Rock me slowly.  Let me slip into your peace.  Put my head on your chest.  Let me hear your breath.  Let me feel the peace as you breathe.  Home.


Life, Love and Laughter


Kiss me it will be exciting.  I don’t know how to be anymore inviting.  Hold me close, feel the explosion of things to be.


My Best Friend


We were the best of friends.  Even in the worst of times.  Of all of my friends, I was most thankful you were mine.  Cause you were there though thick and thin and you always were my best friend. 




Look what the wind blew in.  Say, “Look what the cat drug in.”  I say, “Look who’s here at my door.”  I threw you out back then but you know how weak I am.  You know, I’ve always been a sucker for more.


Seeing You Around


I’m sure it’s happened to you.  You’re just driving down the street.  You catch the eye of a stranger.  Someone you might like to meet.  Someone honks behind you.  You look to see what’s going on.  Look back to see the stranger.  Find they are already gone.


Simple Love


He said, “I would give you a penny for your thoughts.  You’ve been staring at the ring looking mighty lost.”  She asked, “Daddy, how’d you do it?”  He said, “It was simpler times, there was nothing really to it.  I was just so glad that she was mine.


So Far From Home


When I first woke up this morning, first thing I though of was YOU.  I touched your pillow. felt so empty, what was it doing there without YOU?  Bed so empty like my heart,


Sooner Or Later


Sooner or later, someone’s gonna come.  Sooner or later, you will see, I was not the one.  Sooner or later, you’re gonna take her, for better, for worse, for all that she’s worth


Trippin’ Off The Moon


I’m the kind of girl who falls in love too fast.  Then, I wonder sometimes, why it doesn’t last.  I try to live my life, passionately.  Even when I know it won’t work out for me.  So, call a doctor, cause my hearts about to break.


Worth The Risk


I’m not crying.  No.  Doesn’t mean I don’t feel the pain.  I don’t speak.  Doesn’t mean I’ve got nothing to say.  So I don’t reach out, reach out, doesn’t mean that I don’t feel.  I don’t believe no more but it don’t mean it ain’t real.


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