Handling Things 

Make a new plan.  Trust who I am.  Life is in the driver’s seat now and I’m just trying to understand.  Now, I can’t go back and I can’t move on.  I had a part of me, left me, now I gotta face that it’s gone.  And I can’t believe I’m back where I am at odds with you over this drink in my hand When it comforts me, quiets what’s inside of me, It helps me believe that I’m handling things.

Look I can’t move on, till I understand just what went on and what I should do if it happens again.  I can be strong.  I…

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My Heart Belongs With You 

Among the many things, I’ve come to know, I know, my heart loves you so and if you just remember this and trust in it…”I will never let this love go”.  Because, my heart, my heart, my heart, baby my heart… My heart belongs to you.   And my heart, my heart, yes, my heart…will always find a way to get through, what it has to.

Doesn’t matter where I go.   I’ll always come for you. Cause you know I love you so.  My heart belongs to you. Oh yes, my heart, my heart, baby my heart, well yes, my heart, will find…

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So Much Wiser 

I used to be young and pretty.  Rarely saw myself the way that I was.  I was told looks were important.  Now what’s important to me is what I’ve come to trust.

Now I get up and I feel my age.  I drink a glass of water to start my day.  I eat healthy, workout, stick to the plan, keep up and educated the best that I can.  In the mirror, I see somebody else.  I don’t always recognize myself but that woman staring back at me, says “You’re so much wiser than you used to be.  So much wiser.  So much wiser than I…

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Downside Of Love 

Come over here baby.  Could I talk to you a while?  Come over here baby.  I’d like to make you smile. I’ve got to do something to cheer myself up cause I’m on the downside of love. You’re welcome to sit-down and will you stay a while? There’s something about you.  I like your laid back style. Let’s share a few laughs .  I need to cheer up cause I found myself on the downside of love. On the downside of love, it really feels rough. Downside of love got me feeling like I ain’t enough. Downside of love, could…

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Good Morning, smell of warm coffee. I had the sweetest dream.  It’s all coming back to me.   Now I see the world through sleepy eyes.  I stayed awake too late last night.  Oh but you know why...  You know why…

Warm summer breeze, blowing over me, as the curtains, dance softly.  Now I see the world through sleepy eyes.  I stayed awake too late last night.  Oh but you know why…  You know why…

We got the summertime bug.  We got the summertime bug.  It puts everything in soft focus till it’s like a dream.  And…

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It started with her number.  Yes, she gave it to you.  But you made the phone call in a moment of truth.  Then there were more phone calls, late into the night.  You left the room to take them, that was when you left my side.  No, I can’t believe you’d come back, ask me to forgive.  It was a dirty little secret, keeps me from trusting again.  Honestly, honestly, I don’t want this anymore.  Honestly, honestly, you gave up my love, our love, for her.

Then there were the late nights, ones you said you worked…

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My Heart Still Loves You 

Lying here beside you, watching the sunlight streaming in.  It’s dancing’ on your body.  Oh, it’s got my heart rememberin’, last night, what we shared, with tenderness, with time, with love, with care.  It’s quiet here this morning’, except for the song that’s forming in my head. 

(Do you know what?  Do you know what I’m thinking?  Are you unaware?)   Do you know how much?  Do you know my heart still loves you?

Funny how time flies by.  We’ve been together for so long.  Thirty years of marriage and a love…

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Messing Around 

Honey, I feel funny and kinda naughty since you rocked that kiss.  Babe you were so flirty, I was thinking dirty, now I'm worried, are you into this? Put down that guitar and walk over here.  I need to feel your body near.  Come on let’s get back to messing around.

Now let me put my lips there, next to your ear, so that you hear, what I’ve got in mind.  And baby run your fingers, through my hair, pull me closer, Oh that would feel nice. I want to feel your heartbeat next to mine, I swear we’re gonna have a…

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Rockin' All Night 

Hey-a- a!  Whoa-o-o!  Hey-a- a!  Whoa-o-o! Rockin’ all night.  Rockin’ all night.  Rockin’ all night. Their eyes met across a crowded street.  Hey-a a!  Their hands touched in the record store.  Whoa-o-o! And when the band played her favorite song,  Hey-a-a! He was there on the dance floor.  Whoa!   And they sang, “Rockin’ all night.  Rockin’ all night. Rockin’ all night.” 

Then when they headed off the dance floor Hey-a-a!  They cuddled up in a dark corner.  Whoa-o-o!  She said, “I’ve seen you round town…

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Look At You 

Lordy, lordy, lordy, lore, lore -  Lordy, lordy, lordy, lore, lore - Lordy, lordy, lordy, lore, lore - Living in the age of Covid. 

You’re like a cowboy on the scene from the mask on your face to your boots and your jeans.  I’m talkin’ wild west, gunslinger, buckaroo, you’re wearing your mask and looking cool.  Look at you!  Look at you!  You're looking good!  Look at you!  And you know what?  You're living through the age of Covid.

You’re like the gangster, Belle Starr, Bandit Queen in your Louis Vuitton…

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