Week 48 - Words

"WORDS" - “There’s just no words to say” but somehow I’ve been managing to write the words to this song since the late 80’s.  The latest words came much later, more recently, when I wrote the intro’s “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, unless those words land in your ears and lead you to desert me.”  I was never a fan of the old “Sticks and stones” phrase.  Seems to me many words are crafted to hurt others, disable them and people are even killed on words from others.  Miscommunications have certainly done a lot of harm themselves.  Rumors, lies and propaganda can be more hurtful than sticks and stones as they can take out many in one full blow.   

The first part of this song I came up with was the first verse and it came to me in one quick second.  I originally heard the ending in my head dissolving into whispers of repeated “surreptitious talk”.  I saw in my head a vision of people whispering rumors to others, like a dis-ease spreading.   

About 8 years ago, Dan was playing around and I could hear this song merging in my head with what he was playing.  I recorded it but sadly, lost the recording.  Since then my ears have heard him playing what sounded like the same thing on a few occasions but I’ve never been able to get it recorded before he moved on and forgot what he was doing.  So, I tried to figure the song out myself, just before presenting him with it as a song possibility but he sat down to fiddle with his guitar, just before our writing session and low and behold he played that tune I recognized as the one I thought would be a good match for “Words”.    Have a listen.  What do you think?   

Ha, ha, at some points in the video, it looks like I’m brushing my hair, I was expecting the other camera to be used in the shot.  It was supposed to be sound waves, words, spoken into my ear.  It was late Saturday night when Dan completed the video editing.  I didn’t have the heart to ask him to switch the camera views.  Especially,  after all the extra time and effort we had invested in the “Scrabble” word video’s, we spent extra time preparing, recording and learning about and editing into this weeks video.  Kudos to Dan as most of the real work landed on his shoulders.   All and all,  It was a very busy day and we were coming off of a very busy week.  We barely met our Saturday night deadline for being done with the video.  We are aware, a week is too short to ever accomplish all we set out too.  We are tired and looking forward to having our “2020 Original Song A Week Challenge” completed.  These past weeks, we have not been able to perform the tasks as quickly as we once did.  We are so glad we created the challenge for ourselves though and thankful we have been able to work on it each week and see the progress that is only there, for our commitment to it.  Hope you have gotten some enjoyment out it as well.   Just 4 more to go!! :-)