Week 47 - Hungry

“Hungry” is a salute to parties I attended in my 20’s and a cheers to their hosts! 

In our 20’s, we had some clever friends that could whip up a party at a moment’s notice and it would  be one we’d all be talking about for years and years and yes, I’m still talking about them.  A party theme in particular was the  “I survived the holiday”.  The first I ever attended was by phone invitation, the day after Thanksgiving and it went something like this:  “We survived Thanksgiving and we’re throwing a party tomorrow to celebrate.  Everyone is being asked to bring an appetizer and a story from their holiday experience.  Whoever has survived the biggest Thanksgiving fiasco or has the most pitiful tale is going to win a surprise gift.”  Ah, what a light perspective we had on things the “Grown ups” took so seriously. 

I’m feeling very “Grown Up” these days but doing my best to try and keep my sense of humor.  2020  has been a serious year.  If you’re like us, you are heeding Doctor’s warnings and keeping your in person, holiday gatherings, to members of your own household and/or pod.  It seems very unfair that Covid-19 could throw a wrench into our lives the way it has so far this year and now to put the kibosh on our holiday plans…  I find myself looking at the debacles of Thanksgiving’s past and thinking we had no idea how fortunate we were to gather with family, endure their idiosyncrasies and live to elaborate and craft our stories of holiday survival later, as we entertained our friends and created moments that we would spend the rest of our lives looking back upon with such fond longing.