Week 39 - Downside Of Love

When I was a kid in Elementary School my bestie and I would stand next to each other, throw one arm around each other and recite the opening to Laverne and Shirley.  Down the halls, on the playground and down the driveway of each other’s homes.  We saw ourselves as zany, unstoppable and able to move a rubber tree plant or any obstacle that got in our way.  I think this might have a lot to do with me writing “Downside Of Love”.  One day in third grade, my bestie told me, right before lunch, that she wanted to be the new girl’s best friend.  I remember not wanting to cry and telling her that was good because I wanted to be best friend’s with another girl, who happened to still be in the classroom getting her lunch box.  About 5 minutes later I was enjoying lunch and making plans to have my friend over to my house.  It was so much easier than I first thought it would be, turns out it was just a choice to accept and move on.  I learned later in life, somethings are not as easy to accept and move on from.  The solution is always the same though, accept and move forward.     

Lucky for me, Dolly Parton had her song “Two Doors Down” and Christine Lavin had “Shopping Cart Of Love, The Play” to remind me, when I was young and my heart was broken, that I could choose to accept and move on.  I wanted to do the same for others and that’s what “Downside Of Love” is, a way to pay it forward, help push people forward, in hopes that they too say, “Maybe there ain't no downside of love.”