Week 38 - Summertime

On this last day of summer, here is our salute to it, a song appropriately named, “Summertime”.  I believe the end of summer is leaving us with just 14 more weeks in our “2020 Original Song a Week Challenge”.  It’s been a little more challenging for the past few weeks due to my fractured foot.  However, I have been fitted with a very “stylish” boot that allows me to use the foot, while helping it in its healing process.  I’m told it should be, “Good as new in 6 weeks”.  So far, we’ve been able to hide it in the videos.  It has certainly slowed me down a bit.  Also, it has made me aware of just how much I take my foot, my feet, for granted.   

One thing you will see in this video, are the curtains we added to our stage area.  I’ve pretty much lived the life of a shut in, since the pandemic (due to health insecurities) but I ventured out to see if I could find sheer curtains.  Originally, I just liked the idea of bringing the curtains from the lyrics of the song, to life, for the video.  Then the idea of curtains took on a whole new life of their own, when we realized we could have curtains for our stage area.  I felt incredibly lucky when I found BEALLS OUTLET had 2 packages of MARLOWE STUDIO, Sheer panels, 38’”X96” with four panels in each pack, for the price of $19.99.  I was ecstatic, to go from the idea of having my little curtain blowing in the wind idea, to (If I could rationalize the cost) having the ability to complete the look of our home stage, which of course would take us further than one video prop.  I share the curtain information in case, you too, are trying to put a home stage together or if you have windows that need privacy or dressing up.   

When we were first moving to Florida, I had all sorts of music plans envisioned, including a home stage where I could do a “DARYL’S HOUSE” kind of thing, with other musicians.  Perhaps “all roads lead to Rome”…   

On this road to Rome, I’ve had so many ideas and plans that fell through, due to life obstacles and the disappointments that accompanied them.  I know what it’s like to work so hard for things you want, maybe even things you are convinced you need or deserve and find that things unravel just as you reach out to grab them.  I realize currently, a lot of people are feeling this same way about 2020, how things have turned out, changed the natural course of people’s hard work and stifled their own ability to progress and meet goals they’ve set for themselves and expected to meet.  I know about the temptation to just throw in the towel, the temptation to look for ways to numb oneself from reality and look for distractions instead of solutions and I know what isolation feels like.  As my mother lay dying, for about a month, I felt a bit like a ghost of a person, with my clothes and personal hygiene items, stuffed into a pillow case that I took with me each night as I checked into hotels, or gathered them up from the car, prior to sleeping bedside to her, on the nights I stayed with her in the hospital and hospice.  I don’t mean it to sound so bleak, there was family around during the days and phone calls with Dan at night.  But even still, there was a sad, loneliness, I couldn’t seem to shake.  Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be shook.  Perhaps it was meant to be experienced so I can grow in some way.  If nothing else, I have a better understanding of what others may be experiencing.  If you wonder why I share this last paragraph, it’s to let you know you are not alone or to let you know how the circumstances of 2020 may be affecting someone you love.  I want to encourage you to hang in there, look for the blessings in your life and where you can be a blessing to other’s. 

I am a “snowflake” a sentimental fool, who wishes it could always be summertime.  I wrote summertime, so that when I sing it, myself and others can remember it, feel it and almost reach out and grab it, in those moments when we need a little summertime in our lives.