Week 33 - Rockin' All Night

Here we are at week 33 and we've been "Rockin' All Night"!  At week 1, Dan and I started this “2020, Original Song A Week Challenge” with much enthusiasm and a little skepticism of how far we might get.  Along the way we have had some concerns about making our weekly goals.  We had a proud moment at week 26 and celebrated hitting the halfway mark with a high-five.  Now we find ourselves at a new goal post, just 19 songs to go.  What I did not expect at this point, was to have way more than 19 songs left that I would still like to get worked out and recorded.  Still, it feels so good to finally make good, on all the songs we have completed.   

It is a comfort to me during this time to have our goal to focus on and to be so consumed with it.  I have a history of trying to control my surroundings.  I have a proactive nature and have always been a solution seeking person.  So I have  struggled with anxiety over dysfunction and what it breeds.  It is the monster of my nightmares that seems to suck out the life forces of those I love and the world that has nurtured me, leaving me feeling depleted at times and wondering, “What is the point of these trials and tribulations?”   I feel strongly in my heart that love, patience and forgiveness of ourselves and others are probably the best tools we can pack but perhaps what has been my saving grace this year, has been music, a thing that connects us all and reminds me to be loving, patient and forgiving.  I do want to add when I am feeling anxious, I tend to look outward, I think in an attempt to lessen the blow to my own psyche and I instantly begin to think of those in less fortunate positions than myself.  I have been doing this a lot lately and of course trying to find solutions.   

I’m not good at asking for things because I was taught to be self sufficient.  I was also taught when you do ask for something it should only be that which you deserve or your ask should be for someone other than yourself.   Just the way I was brought up, brainwashed or otherwise…  But I do have an ask.  While I find myself in a more fortunate position at this time, I am aware that other local musicians in your community or your life are struggling, financially and mentally.  Please consider that they, along with the independent venues they have performed in, have been placed in a situation similar to eminent domain.  Let me explain the correlation here.  For a valid public purpose, they have given up, what should be their legal right to own, which in this case would be their businesses.  In a way their businesses have been confiscated or at the very least, it is a spoliation of their businesses. (Spoliation definition-the act of injuring especially beyond reclaim).  Now certainly, it has been for a reasonable and just cause but also certainly, they should be compensated.  They are supporting the health of those in their communities by sacrificing their livelihood and in return they should be supported.  So before I end this blog I am asking that you go to   https://www.saveourstages.com/ and sign the petition to get our government to compensate them.  For more on this, check out 1A’s radio show on the subject.   

Thank you!