The saddest two words

“What are the saddest two words in the world?”  A question put to me by my grandmother in her last few years of life. 

Look, I don’t know about you but I can’t seem to get last weeks interview with Megan and Harry Windsor off my mind.  Perhaps it says more about me but I’m thinking with the ratings it got, maybe it resonated with others and is worth sharing some thoughts I had on it.  First things first, it’s nice to see it on broadcast tv.  Kudos CBS and Oprah, for making it available to all.  With the subject matter and the events of the past year, it’s nice we could all come together on the same platform for two hours and explore what disconnection looks like, feels like and does to people, families and countries.  Take heart Windsors, you are not the only ones in need of some self reflection, growth and healing.  We probably all need an intervention here.  You just happen to be the ones others are looking to, watching and hoping, will set some fine example for the rest of us.  This is an opportunity, even though I’m sure it feels more like an ambush.  Please, choose to see it as an opportunity to choose grace and unite what feels broken.   

I considered my grandmother’s question about the saddest two words in the world.  I considered it for maybe twenty seconds, before considering how old she was (ninety-something) and realizing our time together was limited and precious, so it was best I not waste another moment of it.  And so I conceded and asked HER, “What ARE the saddest two words in the world?”  She said, “too late.”   

While I watched the interview last week, my grandmother’s words came back to haunt me, as they do when I can see so clearly the dysfunction we create and allow to pollute our relationships and gunk up, what would otherwise be beautifully enjoyable, functioning lives.  I couldn’t help but think what a terrible position Harry has been put in.  I thought, here sits that 12 year old boy that lost his mother.  Sure, he is all grown up but it seems terribly cruel, that he should be forced to give up so much, when he has already lost so much.  What kind of a choice is it, when you’re forced to choose between your birth family or your wife and child/children.  My heart goes out to him, Megan and their family.  I respect you Harry for being a man and standing up for yourself and your new family.  Megan, I respect you too for saying what I know must have been difficult for you.  I hope the interview will serve as an instrument for change, for the royals and any other family that needs it.   

Harry and I Megan, this one's for you:  "The Living Years"-Mike and the Mechanics <3  Keep speaking from your heart and maybe one day their hearts will open. 

Once upon a time, I wrote this for the same reason:  - 1995 Diana Interview

Be kind to one another.  When we devalue our loved ones, when we devalue our relationships and we devalue our lives, moment by moment, person by person.  When we value each other we put more value into our moments and piece by piece (peace by peace) our lives.  <3