Week 42 - Handling Things

At this point in our “2020 Original Song A Week Challenge” we are tired and craving a break.  We hit the wall earlier during the summer and pushed through.  Right about now, it’s good to have that experience in our pockets and while I don’t expect to, I do believe it is possible we will regain our enthusiasm, yet again, before the end of the year is here.  All the same we are definitely, having moments of “I don’t wanna!”  These are balanced with thoughts of “Just ten more songs to go" and "WOO HOO, we just finished song 42!!"  It's not that we don't want to continue working on new songs, it's just we have to stick to a crazy schedule to do a song a week. 

“Handling Things” is a song we wrote in 2014, after my father passed.  I was never much of an alcohol drinker but at that time, I kept finding myself grabbing a glass of wine in the evenings and thinking how nice it would be to have a glass of wine on the evenings when we were out of wine.  I started buying the big box wines, so I wouldn’t have to experience the no wine in house experience and also in an effort to make my drinking more economical.  After a while, I started noticing my natural exuberance had been replaced by apathy and my energy levels were down, as was my desire to run on my elliptical trainer, which I had previously LOVED to do.  I thought I might be depressed.  It occurred to me I was possibly on a slippery slope and I began paying attention to my thoughts and motives for wanting to drink.  What I learned from this introspection is that while it was the first time I was using alcohol to deal with uncomfortable feelings, it was not the first time I had developed a habit in an effort to deal with uncomfortable feelings.

My hope for this song is that it will be helpful at encouraging some people to get curious instead of angry and some people to get curious instead of inebriated.   If you have a dependence on alcohol or drugs I hope you will get help.   

Much love to you and yours, 
Kristina <3