Week 49 - Coming Back For More

The only preparation we had put into our “2020 Original Song Challenge” before jumping in last January, was that I had begun to listen to old songs I'd come up and pieces of songs, I had on various recording devices.  We also knew we had a handful of songs we’ve played live and worked on, that are not on our CD.  So, before we started, we put together a list of about 20 songs, we knew we wanted to work.  It was to be used like an emergency savings account.  We did not want to burn through them, right away.  Instead, we wanted to use the songs from the list to buy ourselves time, in those moments, when we would inevitably find ourselves struggling.   

We knew January was going to be our learning curve and the list of songs would come in handy.  We knew we had some drummer friends coming to visit towards the end of March and had hoped, they would be our first guest musicians in the year.  It was my hope we would record “Coming Back For More” at that time… but along came COVID-19…    and the song was put off and put off, in hopes we would be able to have a drummer join us.  Dan and I discussed the possibility of recording our part and then having a guest drummer play along with it but most of the year we were scrambling for time and couldn't work out the details.  The few times we were able to get ahead, we considered working out those details but instead, chose to spend our time getting help, to make our videos more entertaining as we noticed they were beginning to all look the same.  Again, the year has been nothing like the one we imagined and planned for.  We had higher hopes for it.  Our hopes included guest musicians (plural) and an opportunity to connect with others, instead of isolate.  I really held out hope, for this song to have a drummer, for as long as possible.  There are more verses to the song but we cut them, so it wouldn’t feel too long and too much the same.  I wish the year had allowed us better opportunities for our songs.  I look to 2021 and hope as we face the end of it, we can say, “Better than the last year-Better than before-Better than the last year…” Here’s to hope!! <3 

(only 3 songs to go…)