Week 41 - My Heart Belongs With You

A couple of weeks ago, Dan told me he had been working on a new song idea.  He picked up his guitar and shared what he had been noodling with and immediately, I was all in and thinking about these lyrics and this tune I had previously recorded into my tape recorder and how I believed they would work flawlessly with what he had.  The next day we reconvened, him with his guitar riffs and me with my tune and lyrics and then just like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, we threw them together for “My Heart Belongs To You”.   Okay, it wasn’t quite that easy but also it was, at least initially.  We recorded our first run through the whole song, with Dan playing and me listening so carefully, with my tune in my head and lyrics in front of me.  I was listening, anticipating and intuiting how to help them fit together and Dan was trying to play and follow me at the same time.  That first recording of the song was my favorite.  When it was time to play it again, I couldn’t figure out what I had done before, so I spent almost a day listening and then trying to phonetically write out my phrasing.  Then I tried to learn it that way.  I spent so much time on this song, more than I really should have because it was time to record and move on.  I’m glad I did because I think my part represents what I was going for, even if, my part was not as natural as I felt it came out the first time we ever recorded it.  Strange but sometimes that’s what happens.  I really love what Dan did with the song, the looping, the build and all, it was just my side of things I wished I had more time to get familiar with and in turn be able to do naturally or at least have it feel more natural. 

For the sake of the video story, I had the story of my friend’s grandparents in mind.  I had recorded them on video, back in the early 90’s, telling their story of their history for their grandchildren and generations to come.  She was pregnant in Czechoslovakia, during the Nazi occupation in World War 2.  The soldiers kept harassing her over the where about’s of her husband.  She would say bad things to the soldiers about him and how dare he just take off and flee, leaving her all alone, pregnant, fending for herself.  There may have been moments when she, herself, even really questioned this.  He had gone to find a safe place to take her and when he returned with such a place and plan to get her and their child there safely, they had to walk through waste deep snow and under threat of what might be done to them and their tiny baby girl if they were discovered.  Somehow they made it to Venezuela.  I don’t know how because I don’t speak Czech and my understanding of the language was not so great.  It was a great love story and one I will never forget.  The lyrics, “Among the many things I’ve come to know, I know, I love you so and if you remember this and trust in it, I will never let this love go.”  While my understanding of Czech was so limited, I believe he said something like that to her before he went in search of a safe place.  <3