Week 40 - So Much Wiser

I was at a restaurant some years back and I swear, I wasn’t trying to ease drop but while I was waiting for my dining companion to come back from the restroom, I heard a conversation between two, what I assumed were young twenty somethings, at the table next to me.  Both of them were females and they made me think of a time in elementary school, when I would dress up like an adult and pretend to be one.  That is to say they were very dressed up and toting fancy purses and I felt like I had been given front row seats to some sort of theatre performance.  One of the girls was saying something like, “So I got the Botox.”  The other one was, “Oh, you got the Botox?”  “Yes, here and here.”  “Wow you look great!  I was thinking of getting the Botox.”  On and on the first went about her experience and I lost count of how many times Botox was used in their conversation.  Let me clarify, used in the sentence.  Come to think of it if she had said the word Botox for every place she received it (it was used), maybe she was much older and it just made her look like she was 18.  Which if that’s the case, I understand why her dining companion was so impressed.  Maybe her companion was actually her 18 year old granddaughter and that’s why she sounded so impressed.    

Whatever it was I witnessed, it had me talking to my friends about it.  I remembered more of the conversation at the time and it had them laughing as much as me.  These two young women came across to me, like a skit out of Saturday Night Live or something.  Funny thing, not funny ha, ha, but the other kind of funny thing, is that it also spurred some conversations about how much pressure is put on females to keep up with trends, beauty and otherwise.  Keeping up appearances is really a line in the sand for each of us and it varies just where that line is drawn.  For some that line is drawn all over their body and face, just before they go under the knife.  I understand we all want to feel comfortable in our own skin.  I just can’t help but think there might be another way.  Too many of the women I shared my luncheon story with, admitted they have looked back at pictures of themselves, from when they were younger and wondered why, at the time, they didn’t see how attractive they were.  “What I wouldn’t give to look that way now…”  But if you did look that way now, would you appreciate it or would you find another thing to obsess about that makes you less than?  Maybe not.  The biggest thing I came away with and tried to impress on those I shared this with was “Just like I can look at pictures today of me when I was young and felt less than, whatever I thought I should have been and today think, what I wouldn’t give to look like her today, I realize the day will come when I will be looking back at pictures of me from this time in my life and thinking the same.  So maybe we should just learn to appreciate the shape we’re in and trust that we are beautiful, body, mind and soul.”  <—Somehow, this realization made me think I was “So Much Wiser” than I used to be.”  Hmm?  Maybe I am or maybe I'm just throwing around the word "Wiser" the same as those young women were throwing around the word "Botox"  However you love yourself, just make sure you do!!  <3