Week 37 - Honestly

In the early 90’s, during a conversation with a local jazz musician that I really looked up to, they suggested I listen to a Sade song and try to play it on my keyboard.  About three chords into deciphering, I couldn’t concentrate because the chords began to give birth to another song in need of coming to life.  Maybe it was my muse or too many episodes of “Melrose Place” I had been watching at the time or maybe it was just my 20-soming mind that was angsty and dissatisfied at the cruelties people seem to impose upon each other, including those they claim to love.  Whatever the trigger was, the song came out in one piece as if it had been in my head or somewhere, a long time before I sat down to the keys.  When I was done hearing it in my head I realized it was about betrayal.  From the perspective of a detective type, who is unraveling the facts as the story unravels.  Like its name, “Honestly” it is about the honest feelings one feels over being betrayed, those feelings that hide beneath the anger, often handicapping a person as they move through life, distrustful from betrayal.  A cheating song is an easy way to address dishonesty but there are so many forms of it.  I think it is a lot harder to address other forms of dishonest betrayal in a song. "Honestly" was also a plea to the listener to consider that dishonesty is a path that is taken step by step.  A betrayal that takes place over and over again.  Maybe when one finds themselves on such a path they should simply stop in their tracks.  It's a dead end path.  Sometimes it's a “Follow the Leader” kind of path.  A "They are getting away with it and enjoying their spoils all along the way" kind of thing.  It can be hard to take the high road when the low road seems easier and more rewarding...  If we are not careful we could end up in a kleptocracy.    We already have a dishonest leader in our White House and the latest report on this was the interview 60 Minutes had with Bob Woodward last night.   Every step our country takes with him down this path he has us on, has me questioning, "Was it worth it, worth it, was it?  Honestly?"  Please consider this and please vote in the coming election.  Thank you for your time, your consideration and interest.