Week 36 - Seeing You Around

A lot of my writing comes from stream of consciousness.  Often I don’t know what I’m writing until it is done.  Sometimes after I have written it, I still don’t understand it.  I do my best to interpret it but I wonder sometimes, am I just creatively making up what it means?  “Seeing You Around” started as a stream of consciousness.  I heard it in my head, ran to my tape recorder and recorded it.  What I missed, I consciously made up and filled in.  I had previously, like years previously,  well years and years previously, tasked my mind with the idea of creating a song that was supposed to be similar to a song called “So Tuff” from a really cheesy movie called “Tuff Turf” staring James Spader, Kim Richards and Robert Downey Jr.  Obviously, the movie and the song made an impression on me at the time, enough, that I wanted to create something similar to the song.  BUT that’s not even the silliest, cheesiest part of this songs heritage.  No, the silliest, cheesiest part, is that its heritage also comes from “Super Sugar Crisp” cereal.  Today, known as “Golden Crisp” cereal.  The tune I heard in the “Super Sugar Crisp” commercial, every Saturday morning when I was a child was in my head and served as the doorway for “Seeing You Around” to make it’s entrance from the whimsical, yet often silly or cheesy world of my mind’s own making and into this one here that we all share.  Is share the correct word?  Well, hopefully share.  If we’re not in the sharing mood today, perhaps we should all sit down to a nice mellow bowl of “Super Sugar Crisp,” with spoon in hand and work our way out from there.   It’s been said, “You can’t get enough” and look, according to the commercial, it gets rid of blobs, puts out fires and clears the air. 

So there you have it, the best story I can give you about this week’s song.  I consumed some crazy stuff as a young person, these things made a home in my head, they interacted with each other and with me and found there way back in this world in the form of a song.  My wish for this particular song is that when we are out performing it, it will serve single people as encouragement to mingle and possibly find a love connection.  <—Yes, I said it.  I know it’s cheesy but I’ve consumed a lot of cheese in my lifetime.  So occasionally cheese is going to come out ;-)  We are what we consume….